where to start when building and simulating robots

  • The building blocks of Robot design
  • Detailing some components on the ROS2/RVIZ2 side
  • Replicating and explaining interactions between ROS2 + Gazebo + ros2_control (which can be used later for motion planning)


Implementations described here are subject to change as ros2_control is still under development. This blog post serves mainly to introduce how the components interact with one another…

How to create Point Clouds using two USB cameras


The ROS image_pipeline packages provides several tools to help with computer vision. In particular, they provide ROS2 nodes to help get stereo vision working. This blog post will detail how to setup this image pipeline and cover some of the issues I faced along the way.

disclaimer: not investment advice!

  • understand the landscape of fantasy sports…


with Raspberry Pi 4 and balenaCloud


Typically, the streamer…

using A-Frame and Zoom Meetings

  • augmented interaction. For me, this includes augmented reality and brain-computer interaction. It seeks to define a new way for people to interact with computers without using screens or traditional feedback loops. I see this as experimental and typically used for consumer…

  • Grind size
  • Portafilter weight w/ grounds
  • Total Pull time
  • Weight of resulting shot
  • Volume of resulting…

using OpenResty and Lua FFI


Understanding the Use Case

NGINX does not provide support for Lua by default. You will have to install the ngx_http_lua_module for NGINX which will give you access…

My only photo from KubeCon (also, I enjoy brutalism)

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